Iron Mtn Gap Hike with my Hearing Dog Whoopi

This weekend we were able to go on an overnight trip with a few friends from a local hiking group. This weekend was much needed to get our feet wet again! We were able to try out Whoopi’s new sleeping bag and pad which she seemed to love. Found that we both need to work on training as we were a bit slow moving at times.

Also was able to officially use Whoopi’s new leash (Ruffwear Roamer I think) for which it was intended for and it worked great for us. It allowed us the space when we needed it and was quite comfortable to use. We were also able to use our newly activated SPOT 3 GPS tracker that makes the family and spouse super happy ;).

All in all – it was a successful trip! Whoopster and I are looking forward to the next one!

Here are a few pics from the trip:

Trial and Error

So today – my spouse and I attempted to go biking on one of the local greenways. Beautiful and gorgeous day to be out!  We got to the parking lot and set out expecting a 15+ mile ride. Unfortunately the greenway was undergoing construction and was detoured. We tried to find our way around to the other side of the detour to no avail… The ride ended up being a bit of a bust with only 7 miles ridden, but it was an adventure and we were able to enjoy the weather and each other’s company 😄.

A couple of photos of our unsuccessful meanderings trying to find our way…